I have an slight obsession with auctioning off people. Typically, boys I know. Tonight's auction: my dear cousin, Kolten. Here are some reasons why you would love to date Kolten...

Meet Kolten:
He's a total stud.

He cares for animals (he's mixing milk for a baby lamb in this photo)

He loves children.

He's adventurous.

He's an RM

Lastly, he's related to me!
So, ladies, submit your application to date this lovely young man. Comment and you could be a contestant. Seriously.


  1. Hahaha what if I commented for an application? Hahahha.... kind of serious but... hahaha but that would be cool... right? hahaha

  2. What a stud!! Where do I sign up!! - kenzie kunz

  3. That's great. So why are you auctioning him off??

  4. he rides horses! :D (or at least A horse)

  5. wait a second... I swear I know that skinny faced chaz standing next to him in a blue shirt... Rexburg seems like the place where this chance meeting may have occurred. If not, your auctioned off cousin (you could also auction off a friend and then these two auctioned people could be auctioned to each other ;D) definitely has a twin.

  6. Bahaha! Does Kolten know your auctioning him???

  7. Kolten is "all that and a bag of chips" haha :) ladies please keep the applications coming!

  8. I also love this. I'm heartbroken I live in Canada and won't ever be able to fall in love with him. What a sad day hahaha.


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