1 day.

Elder Trevor Kitchen
Tampa, Florida Mission

Returning from a Honorable Mission to Salt Lake City:
Wednesday, December 7, 2010 @4pm

This is what Trevor looked like when I met him. It's hilarious to even picture him looking like this anymore!

6 month mark!

1 year mark!

He looks so little!!!

P.S. I sent him this tie. For a while it was the only tie he would have on in his pictures. I 'm not sure if he just liked it that much or if he just wanted to show me he wore it... haha.
24 fast Sundays.
2 Christmas's.
2 Thanksgivings.
2 Birthday's.
2 Summers.
Yep, I think Elder Kitchen can come home now :) In approximately 24 hrs, Elder Kitchen can become Trevor once again. 
Is this weirding me out? 
Am I worried? 
Those are just two understatements.


  1. I'm calling it. Right here. Right now. That is the man you are going to marry :) please allow me to be a bridesmaid when I am right.

  2. It's weird that we used to think he looked like Mr. Tumnus (: hahaha


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