Forget Me Not.

The gospel is true. It is amazing. The Apostles are truly called of called God and they are the Lord's mouthpiece. The spirit speaks to each one of us in different ways. It spoke to me, tonight, as I watched President Uchtdorf's talk in the General Relief Society Meeting. His talk moved me to tears and I was meant to hear it. It spoke to me and touched, and softened my heart. He spoke of the "5 Forget Me Not's"
  1. Forget not to be patient with yourself.
  2. Forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice.
  3. Forget not to be happy now.
  4. Forget not the "why" of the gospel.
  5. Forget not that the Lord loves you.
Two of the especially spoke to me and touched my heart: Forget not to be happy now, and forget not that the Lord loves you.
I have a huge problem. I like to live in the past. Or in the future. I forget to live in the moment, the present and to be happy with where I am now. I tend to dwell on what I want, not what I have. I am blessed in so many ways... I have an incredible family who loves me unconditionally no matter how many times I disappoint them and mess up. I have amazing parents to look up to and learn from. I have the knowledge of the true gospel on this earth and am a proud member of His church. I have the opporunity to attend college and earn an education. I have been blessed musically. I have a job to turn to when it's needed. I have incredible friends. I have a phenominal support group that I can turn to whenever I need them. I have the constant companionship of The Holy Ghost. That is just a few of the blessings my Heavenly Father has poured upon. How can I not be happy? I need to live with an Eternal Perspective and realize that the trials and tribulations I have are but a moment and are so small in the 'big picture'. I am thankful for my trials because they help me grow. They, in a way, force me to turn to my Father in Heaven and realize that I cannot do this alone. That I am not alone, and that I need Him.
Secondly, I need to "Forget not that the Lord loves you". Life is hard and it's so easy to just want to give up and feel like I am nothing. That I am worthless. This is foolish and awful thinking! But, I do it. I get so caught up in the moment and what's going that I become a huge "me monster". I feel like everything is going against me. No matter what I do, nothing is right. At times, I can be a very prideful person and I do not want to ask for help. Actually, I almost despise it. I feel like my little 'moments', my trials, my pains are so dumb and I don't want to turn to my Father in Heaven to help me with them. I try to do it alone. I can't. You can't. No one can do it alone. We need our Heavenly Father, that is what he's there for. He knows me, Ashlee Renae Moesser, by name. He knows my aspirations, he knows my fears, he knows my heart, he knows my pain, he knows me. He knows me better than I know myself. If I turn to him, he can help me with anything. But, I have to come to him. I need to remember that he loves me and that he wants me to come to Him. He wants to help me with this test and keep me on the right path. He wants what's best for me and will lead me in that direction if I allow him. It's hard to imagine the love he has for each of his children. But I feel it. I know he does no matter who you are and your circumstances. He loves you unconditionally and wants nothing more than for you to have a strong relationship with Him and learn and grow from him, and for you to truly be happy. To enjoy the happiness that he provides. The happiness that the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives to it's followers.
This talk was very needed for me and has helped me put my momentary trials into perspective and has given me the strength to overcome them. It gives me great comfort in knowing that I am not alone and that I have a loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ constantly at my side. To have a brother who knows exactly the pain I am feeling and what I am going through. I could never thank Him enough for his ultimate sacrifice. The Ultimate Sacrifice--The Atonement. Words cannot even express how grateful I am for The Atonement and for the blessings it provides me in my life. For the opportunity I have to repent of my sins and become clean again so that one day I can enter into the House of the Lord and return to Him one day.

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  1. ummm, you just spoke every word that was in my heart. That was beautiful.


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