Last Monday Night...

We went riding in the dark, sung songs in my car, and did not have a menage a trois! Last Monday night, you know Katy Perry just came in town and Kayla, Spencer, and I went and saw her!!!!
Riding Trax on the way down!

We had to check in our camera's because Katy didn't allow them in her concert... However, almost everybody had camera's. Lame!! So we didn't get too many pictures but we had a BLAST! I loved everyone moment of it! Even though we were in the nosebleed section we didn't let that effect us. We sang and danced our hearts out and by the end of the time I was beat and my throat was killing from screaming so loud. I think one of the most entertaining thing from that night was how love-struck Spencer was. He is in love with Katy Perry and was in heaven from the expression he was wearing on his face. Soooo great! Spencer also had a very interesting lady sitting next to him that was going crazy! It was definitely an interesting crowd but so worth it! We also saw Hoonakker(one of my favorite teachers' from H.S.) it was pretty funny! All in all it was a successful and super fun night with my two best friends (:

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