So I never actually thought what it would be like to have my friends have boyfriends. Now that it has happened the only word that comes to mind is, weird. So far I've loved most of the boys of their choice but it's still a surreal feeling. It's weird to never see them because they are with their boyfriend. It's weird how you are suddenly second best. It's weird how everything changes so quickly. Things were so different last year; not that I would want to change things but it's weird.

Being old enough to apply for college, credit cards, and almost on my own-- weird. Having friends old enough to get married and go on missions. Weird. It's weird how crazy our hormones can be so out of control and make us do things without thinking. Being a Senior and Madrigal, weird. Thinking about past relationships, weird. Planning Senior Dance and Graduation, weird.

Moving on, weird.

Goodbyes, weird.

 My mood-- weird.

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  1. Being the mother of someone old enough to move out on her own, have credit cards and even marry!! Way Way Way Weird!! Join the weird club, you've only just begun :)


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