I love choir!!!

For the past two weeks all of our choir officers have been planning and decorating the choir room for next year. I chose the theme 'Princesses' for the Belles Voix board- I feel that it fits perfect! I have been using my mom's Cricut to cut out all of the cute little decorations. I am so excited to put it all together tomorrow! I will for sure be putting up a picture of the finished project. I am so thrilled to be Belles Voix President and cannot wait for the year to start! I will admit that I am a tad bit nervous to be in charge of a class of 40 girls. All girls! That is a ton of estrogen filling the room, but it will be an awesome adventure! I just love the choir kids! I know we may be weird but if we're weird, I do NOT want to be normal! We have so much fun and hands down throw the best parties! This year is going to rock with 3 choir classes! Tomorrow is also our first Football Game of the season! I love Football season so much and we're playing Granger- we should kick trash :) I am SOO ready for school to start so... Bring on my Senior year!

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