Michael Buble- My obsession. Seriously, he is brilliant! If you have never heard any of his music you MUST you have not lived until you have listened to him. I like to compare his voice to a chocolate truffle. Yes chocolate itself is very addicting and tasteful but truffles- they are to die for! What woman would not give their life for a smooth, mouthwatering, thick, creamy, and utterly deluctible piece of chocolate? I don't think many of us would. When I listen to his music I still get butterflies and chills, I know cheesy but it is the truth.
Here are a few things I love about Michael:

-His voice! His voice is so unique. Often compared to a modern Frank Sinatra.-
-His lyrics are so relatable.
-He puts emotion in his songs.
-The listener can connect with him and be moved.
-He is passionate about his music.
-He has a goofy side.
-He makes my knees shake.
-Not only is his an amazing musician, he is extremely good looking!


  1. I love his music, too. And I love that he sings some really great old ones. Although I wouldn't say I'm obsessed. :)

  2. Yeah i wouldn't say that about him. i kinda got sick of him after my dad's obsession of him. he does have a really good voice though


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