It was found!

So after spending a few hours in Gateway Bridal and Prom with Judy on the wonderful day of Monday, we found THE dress! Oh goodness! I am so excited! It's darling and I think it's perfect. It has a high neckline which I LOVE and it goes to my calves. I am so excited to wear it I can't even explain. Judy and I are going in a little bit to get a really cute pair of shoes dyed to match the sash. Everything is finally falling into place. For once! Now all we have to do is figure out what we're going to do for our day activity and we'll be set! Again, if you have any ideas please let me know! I know each of you are very creative :)


  1. Is it too cold for miniture golf? Or a cool hike or something? Maybe a movie or you could make your own movie theater and make it fun somehow?

    I guess this is not my area of crativity.... I will think about it ;)

  2. I think you guys should go see a movie! That always takes up some time and is always fun even if it's a lame movie. LOVE the dress! So beautiful and I'm sure it looks GORGEOUS on you!!

  3. I love the dress...especially the colors! I'm sure you'll think of something fun to do. And if you don't you'll still have a pretty dress to wear. ;)


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