Yes I am still alive!

Alrighty I don't have long so I will type fast... Lately sorry to say I have been very non'exciting. My usual day consists of: Waking up, eating, laying around, eating more, and then more laying around. So Yes I know I am pretty lazy but it is pretty relaxing. My surgery is 2 weeks from today exactly!!! I am so EXCITED!! The only thing that I am not looking forward to is having my mouth wired shut! Bummer because I am on a liquid diet only :[ But I am sooo sacrificing food for the outcome. I have been hanging out with my friends Camie and Kayla and we have been having loads of fun. The day before we left for Girls Camp Camie came over and we made muddy buddies! That is us shaking up our muddy buddies! We had a grand time at girls camp but it was weird because there was mainly 1st year girls and we didn't have that many girls certifing for our age group. Sorry that my life isn't so exciting but i will try to blog more!!!


  1. good luck with the surgery!=) I love muddy buddies!!!

    Hey I got a blog too so be sure to check it out!

  2. O my gosh! i love muddy buddies, we just haven't made them in a long time! Make sure to check out my blog!

  3. Your not alive anymore. The last time you bloged was 5 months ago!! Come on!


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